3 Big Questions To Ask Yourself Before Beginning Inbound

The Blur Marketers Guide to Inbound Marketing (1)

Welcome back to the next instalment of The Blur Marketer’s Guide to Inbound Marketing! Now, we all have been intro-ed to the concept and power of Inbound Marketing (if you haven’t, read our Intro Sikit article here) and so, it’s time to begin making all the content, kan? Wait ahh, sabar a bit. Before we get there, we need to pause kejap and figure out a few key things that will become the guideposts to our entire Inbound journey.

Ready? Jom, let’s begin!

1. Who am I?

Wah, so deep. It’s okay, we’re asking this not about you personally, but about your business.

  • What product or service does your business sell?
  • What is your price point like compared to other similar options in the market? Is it a budget version or a more “atas” product?
  • What makes your product or service different and “more better” than your competitors?
  • How do you see your product or service helping your customers? How will their lives be changed (chewahhh) by using your product or service?
2. What do I currently have?

Not talking about stock count or your bank balance ah, this category looks at the marketing status of your business now, and what can be used balik in your Inbound efforts.

  • What content assets do I already have (articles, brochures, FAQs, videos etc)?
  • How big is my team? Do they have the time, resources, and semangat to manage the tasks that will go into an Inbound Marketing plan?
  • How much budget can I spare for Inbound Marketing?
  • What is my most power marketing channel currently? Where have most of my referrals & sales been coming from?
 3. Where do I want to go?

Go yum cha can? Ok la no, we’re talking about business direction and Inbound Marketing goals.

Got your answers ready? Now you know yourself a little better, it’s time to get to know your customer – the lenglui/lengzai you will be trying to pikat with your Inbound Marketing tactics. Stay tuned for the next article, where we walk you through how to create your Buyer Persona and really get into the mind of your target audience. See you again soon!

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