A Sample Buyer's Persona for Inbound Marketing (B2B Edition)

We've learnt a lot about Buyer Personas this week, but sometimes it can be hard to envision all the different elements put together to become one whole Buyer's Persona. It's okay, we were also blur when we first started out - it just takes some practice. We came up with a sample Buyer's Persona - this one is for a B2B (Business to Business) market - to give you an idea of what one should look like.

It can seem a bit pelik to be creating a Buyer's Persona for a B2B product, but if you really think about it, it memang makes sense! Someone in the business will be the primary decision maker in adopting your product or service for use in their business - your job is to figure out who. In our fictional scenario, we are targeting a creative director who is facing issues managing his team and balancing his work and life commitments (kesian anot?). Without further ado, meet Designer Daniel!

Buyer Personas_ B2B Edition (1)

Now that you understand Daniel better, you can think about how to target him with content that empathizes with his challenges, entices him with solutions, and gives him value and confidence in your brand. Sound like a plan? Create your own Buyer's Persona by using Hubspot's free Make My Persona tool here!

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