A Sample Buyer's Persona for Inbound Marketing (B2C Edition)

Last week, you met Designer Danny, our fictional example of a B2B (Business to Business) Buyer's Persona. This week, we'd love for you to meet Travelling Tasha, a young career woman who also loves to travel!

Targeting B2C (Business to Consumer) personas can be slightly different to the B2B market as consumers are really varied in their interests and behaviors - but this can make it a lot more fun too! With B2C, you can truly be creative in the ways you craft content to attract and help your Persona. Have a look at Tasha's profile and see if you can think of some ways a business can be helpful to her.

Buyer Personas_ B2C Edition

 Get the idea? Now it's your turn! Use Hubspot's free Make My Persona tool to create your Buyer's Persona now!

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