Infographic: How To Know If Your Blog Content Is Performing

Let's face it - anyone who is literate, and can string two words together, can create content. But, creating content that performs is a whole other story. Our clients who are just starting out with creating their own content often come to us with this problem: "We've been posting lah..but dunno if got people read or not". 

So, how do you know if the content you are creating is performing or not? If your content lives on your blog, one of the best (free) tools you need is Google Analytics. From there, you will be able to analyze how each page is performing based on a few key metrics that we have explained in our handy infographic below!

Infographic - Inbound Marketing Terms 2

Monitor these metrics over time to see how your content is performing! Soon we'll delve into how to identify problems based on the data from these metrics, and how to fix them if needed. Stay tuned!

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