Infographic: The Blur Marketer's Guide to SMART Goals

Now we've asked ourselves some deep, introspective questions about our businesses, it's time to take Question 3 ("Where Do I Want to Go?") and expand on it to really confirm plus chop on what it is we hope to achieve from Inbound Marketing.

Once these goals are selected, we will be using them as guiding posts throughout our Inbound journey, stopping often to challenge each task with the questions "What are we doing this for?" and "Which goal does this get me closer to?" And if the answer to both is "Dunno wor", then that particular task is likely a waste of resources and you should plan for something else.

But, how do we word these goals properly to make sure they are effective? Inbound encourages us to use the SMART goal system (a system that can be used in any aspect of your life, not just marketing!). There's plenty of guidance on how to create SMART goals on the internet...but for your convenience, we've put together a quick infographic on what a SMART goal is and how to put one together - Malaysian translations included!

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Ready, set, create your goals! And be sure to stay tuned as we continue our series on Inbound Marketing, Malaysian style.

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