Macgad @ FMM Marketing & Branding Conference 2019


On August 22, Macgad had the privilege of being invited to present at the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Marketing & Branding Conference 2019. The topic of the conference was Inbound Marketing, and we were joined by 6 other esteemed presenters, each sharing on a different area of Inbound Marketing and how it can radically change how Marketing is done, especially in the manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

Typically, manufacturing companies in Malaysia are larger, established companies which have utilized more traditional marketing approaches with good results in the past. However, with the increase in digitalization of both consumer and business activities, it is inevitable that marketing practices also have to change in order for a manufacturer to be competitive in capturing online market share ahead of their competitors.

Macgad’s topic “Creating Landing Pages That Drive Conversions” focused on how your landing page can make or break your ad campaigns, website effectiveness, and impact your business as a whole. After all, all the advertising dollars in the world are useless if you manage to drive traffic to your website but are unable to convert visitors into meaningful leads. The bottom line? Poor landing page = poor ROI.


In his talk, our founder, Lester, shared practical tips on not only building the best landing pages, but also on how to monitor and optimize your landing pages to achieve the best performance you can over time. He also shared case studies from our own experience as an agency, demonstrating how we managed to increase a client’s conversions by more than 300% while decreasing overall cost by 27% through a thorough optimization process using heatmaps, analytics, A/B testing, and more.


We enjoyed our time at the FMM conference, mingling with the participants and learning about their industries, expertise, and strategies. Anyone interested in obtaining the information shared in the presentation can contact