The Blur Marketer's Guide to Inbound Marketing

The Blur Marketers Guide to Inbound Marketing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Malaysian (or Singaporean – hi guys!) looking to learn more about this thing called “Inbound Marketing”. The first time you heard the term, you probably thought “Apa niiii” but nodded along like you knew what it was. And as people kept throwing out terms like “holistic methodology” and “buyer persona” you got more and more confused…and so, here you are, feeling "blur". Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Here is our Malaysianised explanation of what Inbound Marketing really is.

Inbound Marketing is all about “pikat-ing” your customers in the right way

When you have your eye on a special someone, you put extra effort into getting to know them, and making sure they get to know you. You want to attract them, to make every experience they have with you pleasant, valuable, and memorable. You would NOT walk up to them repeatedly throughout the day and say “EH date me la I’m so hensem!” and talk only about yourself at every encounter.

It’s the same with Inbound Marketing. Instead of the traditional style of ads screaming “PROMOTION!”, “BEST QUALITY!”, and “BUY NOW!”, Inbound Marketing focuses on creating content (blog articles, videos, social media posts, infographics, e-books, and more) that will interest your target audience, be valuable and helpful to them, and to attract them to want to get to know you more. And after they do engage with you, effort goes into nurturing their interest and helping them along their journey until they become yours – and even better, proudly introduce you to all their friends and family.


Inbound Marketing is a “pao ka liao” strategy

Ever felt like you’ve struggled to get your different marketing channels working together to produce better results? You’re trying to juggle SEO efforts with paid advertising, email marketing, a social media campaign…and it’s all just not coming together. Inbound Marketing unifies all those different marketing channels under one “pao ka liao” or “everything also got” strategy. It uses different types of content, through different channels, at different times, to guide your customers through their buyers’ journey.

For example, your interaction with a customer using your content could look something like this:

  • A blog post or video disseminated via social media to attract their attention
  • Then, encourage them to download a useful e-book or guide via a landing page
  • Provide an attractive offer via a relevant remarketing advertisement via Google or FB
  • Lastly, follow up with them via a customer care email sequence through your chosen CRM system to make them happy and earn their loyalty.

The result? Your different marketing channels working together (finally!) to achieve a synergistic effect!

Inbound Marketing is for the long term – but it’s proven to be “terror”!

Now you may be thinking – “So leceh, must think so hard and create so much content”. True – inbound marketing is not a quick fix, and it does require thought and effort. But, the results are truly amazing. Studies consistently show an incredible return on investment (ROI) for a content-based inbound marketing strategy as follows:

45% (3)

More sales, more customers, and LESS cost - terror or not? In the coming weeks we’ll continue to explore the ins and outs of Inbound Marketing, so do follow along our blog and Facebook Page to learn alongside us. After all, good things must don’t say we bojio!

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